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    For many years I have been making my own soaps, laundry powder and other cleaning products, out of all natural ingredients. I do this for several reasons. Firstly, I have family members who have chemical sensitivity, an ever increasing problem in today’s toxic world. Secondly, I care about our environment and do not want to do any more damage while I am here than I have to. Thirdly, it is far cheaper to make your own that to buy expensive cleaners available in the supermarket.

    I recently received an e-mail from one of our valued Green Living Australia customs and asked for her permission to share her information with you. So here we go:

    Borax is a naturally derived mineral which is phosphate free. It has been used for around 4000 years and is a disinfectant and also a fantastic stain remover and deodorizer. You can use it to clean your toilet for example, by itself or add equal parts borax and bi-carb. Sprinkle the powder and allow it to sit, as you would your normal cleaner, and then scrub with your toilet brush, then flush. It is safe for septic systems.

    Off course it is toxic to dogs and humans if consumed so I'd keep it out of the reach of little hands, not unlike washing soda or soap. Remember, it's better to be safe than sorry. I have two laundry recipes - one for powder and the other for liquid. Continue reading

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