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  • Cocoa Body Butter Recipe

    Ingredients:  200 g Cocoa Butter 50 g Sweet Almond Oil 50 g Vegetable Glycerine 5 ml Vitamin E Oil Equipment:  3 x 200 ml Aluminium Jars & Lids Medium Sized Pot Standing or Hand Held Mixer Spatula Directions: Place the butter, oil and glycerine into a medium sized pot on...
  • Rose Heart Evening Primrose Soap Recipe

    This beautiful soap is made from 100% plant based ingredients. It is great for your skin and works wonders on hair as well. We love the way the pink and red hearts turned out just in time for Valentines Day!

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  • Goat's milk soap Cambridge Rose swirl

    Here at Green Living Australia we do soap making classes for beginners on a regular basis. One of the three soaps you lean in our class is a goat's milk soap.


    • Goat's milk (pasteurized and frozen)  280 grams
    • Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda) 120 grams 
    • Coconut oil 240 grams
    • Sustainable Palm  oil 160 grams
    • Cold Pressed Australian Olive oil 400 grams


    • Measure out and melt all of your oils together. See our cold process soap making directions for further information.
    • Follow the general directions for making your lye solution, being sure to follow all safety protocols.  
    • Milk used in soap making must be treated first, to prepare it for the soap making process.  You do this by ensuring that your milk is pasteurize. This is easy if you are purchasing your milk from the grocery store, as this milk will already be pasteurized.
    • The second thing you need to do to the milk is to freeze it. I pre-measure my milk into 280 grams batches and freeze it overnight, taking it out of the freezer in the morning and let it start to thaw out prior to my soap making. I want this milk to be cold and even still partially frozen, like a slushy, when I start to add the caustic soda.  
    • Place your goat's milk slushy into the container you are going to be using to make your lye solution and then place this his container into a sink of cold water and add ice cubes to the water. You want this iced water to reach up to the level of the milk in your container. Be careful not to add too much water, as your container will start to float and may spill.

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  • Making Milk Based Soaps

    Using the recipe already provided in my blog, you can make goat's and other milk based soaps. Simply replace the water with goat's milk when making your lye solution and you will have lovely, creamy, moisturizing soap.
    Follow the general directions for making your lye solution, being sure to follow all safety protocols. Continue reading

  • Cold Process Soap Making

    Soap making is a wonderfully creative craft that can be enjoyed by young and old alike. The only limit is your imagination, with the wide verity of oils, fragrances and other additives you can use to make your soaps one of a kind. Here are the basic soap making steps...

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