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  • Pot Set Yoghurt

    This recipe makes a really thick, greek style, pot set yoghurt using using our Mild or Tangy yoghurt cultures.

    Follow these directions carefully, using regular full cream, homogenised and pasteurised milk, add our Yoghurt Starter Culture, and you will have the best homemade yoghurt ever... no preservatives or additives. Low fat milk can also be used, although the yoghurt may not be as creamy and thick as the "full cream" version. Continue reading

  • Making Your Own Yoghurt at Home

    Yoghurt is extremely good for you, but the best quality yoghurt is often quite expensive in stores. However, with just a litre of milk and some starter culture you can make your own yoghurt at home.

    I used to use a good quality, live bacteria yoghurt to make my new yoghurt, but found that over time I did not get consistent results. This is explained by the fact that each time you do this, you are not only adding the good bacteria in the yoghurt to your new batch, but also any bad bacteria that has possibly contaminated the yoghurt while it has been in your fridge. This is understandable, as the air itself is full of bacteria. Each time you clone yoghurt in this way, the risk of contamination increases and you get an inconsistent and eventually bad result. Continue reading

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