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  • Serving and cooking with your own home made Crème Fraiche

    In my post on making your own butter I included a recipe for making your own Crème Fraiche. After making my cultured butter, I had enough Crème Fraiche left over to make a mushroom bisque. The idea for the recipe comes from a book by Kathy Farrell-Kingsly, called The Home Creamery. I am often dipping into this book for great money saving food ideas involving dairy products you can make at home. I changed the recipe to suite what I had on hand as follows. Continue reading

  • Making your own butter

    Making your own butter is fun and easy, and if you have an excess of cream, it is also economical. Unfortunately, if you have to purchase your cream at supermarket prices, then it is usually cheaper to buy butter. The good thing about making your own butter is that you can get creative and make European style cultured butter Cultured butter has a wonderful flavour that is subtle yet quite distinctive. This flavour is caused by the bacteria that you add to the cream before churning and is enhanced as the butter ages. The first step is to make Crème Fraiche, which is a cultured cream. Then, once this is complete, you take your Crème Fraiche, and using a food processor, or mixer, beat it into butter.

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  • Making Feta at Home

    With just four liters of milk you can make your own Feta cheese. This recipe is a Danish type Feta, which has a soft and creamy texture, rather than the traditional Greek Feta, with its more crumbly texture. This can be made out of regular, homogenized, full cream milk from your local grocery store, so you do not have to live in the country and have a cow to have home made, delicious, fresh cheese at a fraction of the cost you would pay at the grocery store. Continue reading

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