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  • Featured Product: Fermentation System

    Fermentation System

    This month we are featuring the Green Living Australia Fermentation System. This is a very inexpensive, convenient and foolproof way to make your own fermented vegetables. It doesn’t matter if your choice is kimchi, sauerkraut, olives or many more fermented food products. You can easily achieve a great, healthy, tasty ferment just like the pros. The 2.2 litre fermentation pail will make up to two kilos or two litres of your chosen foods and is simple to use. Continue reading

  • Sugar Free Plum Jam


    This sugar free plum jam recipe will give you the amazing flavour of fresh, homeade plum jam without the guilt! This recipe is 100% free from added sugar and uses Pomona's Pectin to achieve a beautiful consistency. Continue reading

  • Fluffy Sugar Free Ricotta Pancakes

    Ricotta Pancakes Plated

    Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day but unfortunately many people either skip this meal all together or eat a highly processed, high carb, high sugar food such as cereal which does not give them the good start to the day they need. Even so called healthy breakfast cereals do not have the protein and fat needed make one feel satiated and stop that mid-morning snacking on even worse foods. Sugar coated donuts anyone?

    My Ricotta pancakes made from my own homemade ricotta are a perfect way to start the day. They are sugar free but don’t worry, your body will break down the flour for energy which is much better than refined sugar. Use wholemeal flour for a healthier option. Continue reading

  • Eggplant Chutney Recipe

    We had heaps of delicious submissions to our home preserving recipe contest. Thank you all for your generous entries. We are proud to announce the winner of the contest, Madeleine Mionnet, for her outstanding Eggplant Chutney recipe! Congratulations, Madeleine! You're a winner!

    Award Winning Recipe: Eggplant Chutney by Madeleine Mionnet.

    Continue reading

  • Free Tips: What To Do With Your Whey


    Whey is a by-product of cheese making that is often thought of as waste. After milk curdles, it separates into curds (solids) and whey (liquid). The curds are then used to make most cheeses. So, what can you do with all that whey left over from making cheese? Whey is full of protein that cannot be captured in the cheese making process and is a low fat food which has many uses in the kitchen. Continue reading

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