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Home Cheese Making in Australia

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Cheese Making

Cheese Making

Green Living Australia is dedicated to helping you make the best cheese possible, in your own kitchen!

Making cheese at home is fun and easy, and consists of the following basic steps.

  • Inoculating and ripening your milk
  • Coagulation of the cheese milk
  • Draining and flavouring
  • Moulding and pressing
  • Drying, ripening or ageing, and eating.

In the past, everyone used to make their own cheese. Making cheese is another form of preserving the harvest. When you have excess milk, you preserve it by making cheese, butter or yoghurt. These days, milk is readily available so you can make cheese whenever you want! While it may not be necessary to make it yourself in this day and age, it is still a valuable skill which is both fun and rewarding. Let us help you start your cheese making adventures today!

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