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Durand Water Filter System (Original)

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Durand Water Filter System (Original)

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Use a filter or be the filter!

Product Number: 1996

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Durand Stoneware Water Filter Systems

"The Natural Choice"

Made with lead free non toxic glazes

Domestic "Gravity" Water Filters, Ideal For The Home, Office, Gym.....

Designed to filter and store your drinking water. Complete with tap, ceramic filter, instructions & pedestal


Doulton Ceramic Filters Will Remove at Least:

  • 95% of Chlorine
  • 99.999% of Harmful Bacteria
  • 99.999% of Amoebae
  • 98% Suspended Solids
  • 99.999% of Giardia
  • 99.999% of Cryptosporidium

Particulate Reduction:

  • 0.9micron>99.99%
  • 0.5micron>99.9%
  • 0.2micron>98%