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At Green Living Australia, we strive for excellence in customer service. Over the years, we have made quite a few happy customers. Below are some of the testimonials that our customers were kind enough to send in. If you find that you love a product we carry or are thrilled with the way we do business, drop us a line and let us know we're doing great!

I came across your website at least 8 years ago and love it. However, more than anything, I remain consistently grateful to you for advising and informing about reusing store bought produce jars to reuse in home preserving. It has saved me a fortune!

I was given about 100 lids a while ago and so hadn’t bought any from you for a while but they have now been used and I’m back to buying from my favorite website [yours]. I just thought I’d let you know how long I’ve appreciated your services and advice and hope very much that you plan to train someone up to continue your good work when you eventually retire. I consider your work an “essential service” and will use it until I can no longer preserve the good food my husband grows. 

Marija ... July, 2014

Well who would have thought it! My first attempt and I know I am only half way through the process but thought I would show you that your instructions are clear and easy to follow.

Cheese Pride

He's a little crooked (my pressing skills need work) and we have christened him Brian (from the movie The Life of Brian).

I'm a geek by trade so if this works I reckon anyone can do it.

Cheers and thanks again

Marlene ... January, 2012

I just placed an order this morning however I had been meaning to email and say how thrilled I was was my last order. It was so quick and exactly as described. It was my first effort at cheesemaking and it has been a big success. I have followed your instructions and made mozzarella, feta and a farmhouse cheddar. I really enjoyed it and decided I had to have a cheese press, hence today's order.

Many Thanks

Jen ... October, 2011

I am adding my vote of thanks to David and Val.

It was so nice to know that a real person was handling the order, and one that was on the ball. Realizing that my husband had placed an order, when mine came in, and combining them together was just so good. It was brilliant. If a few more companies were to be as 'on the ball' it would move this country a long way.
I have passed your email, site, and address on to a few people after I received my books and took them to the Goat Club meeting, and I have since passed on your information to more people as well.

Thank you you really are troopers

Marj ... May, 2011

Hi David,

The order arrived today and I'm really thrilled that they're here for the weekend ... I wasn't expecting the delivery for another few days.
I can't speak highly enough of your service.

Many thanks again.

Wal ... September, 2010

Hi Val and Dave.

Just wanted to tell you that I found your site really helpful and clear. I just decided to try canning some tomatoes, and looked at all sorts of sites, and yours was by far the clearest, and most helpful. And the link to the USDA site made sense to me after I'd been on your site.

So many thanks and all the best

Eve ... February, 2010

I just wanted to say I am making the most beautiful yoghurt I have ever eaten, I will certainly pass your cards around.

Thank you very much.


Jan ... November, 2009

Many thanks to the real person who dealt with yesterday’s order. It is here today.

We have a cow with extra milk so thought I would try some cheese making.

I am delighted with the products and the service.

Good one

Julia ... October, 2009

Thanks so much, I've really been impressed with Green Living's service and products :)

Kerryn ... August, 2009

Wow greenlivingaustralia, super impressive service, order in the morning and receive it the next day. The book and lids were just what I was after (although the lids were the wrong size, my fault not yours). I will definitely purchase from you again and will recommend you to my family and friends.


Bridget ... August, 2009


I recently purchased some cheese making gear from you, and would like to thank you for extremely quick service. How did you get it here so fast, peregrine falcon mail?

Murray ... July, 2009


I have just received my order (in WA) — the speed amazed and gratified me! Thank you!

Eldred ...June, 2009


Thank you for the exceptional service. I paid for my cheese making pack on Sunday and it arrived this (Tuesday) morning! Great service.Thanks.


Rebecca ...May, 2009

Hi Valerie,

Thank you for the invoice and thank you also for the perfect hassle free experience shopping from your website has been. My order arrived today in record breaking time. I was impressed by the cold pack used to maintain the rennet and lipase and everything was so carefully packaged for transport.

I am an absolute beginner with this cheese making thing, I have been reading Animal, Vegetable, Mineral by Barbara Kingsolver and I am inspired to grow some veggies, get some chooks, make some cheese and buy local produce where possible (though I don't think my 6 year old daughter will agree to swear of banana's). Presuming I take to this and it goes well, I will definitely be back to your website for advice and products.

Kindest regards.

Georgina ...April, 2009

Hi David

Thank you for this personalized approach. It is really lovely to know that a real person is out there!


Thank you so much for your super speedy service and personalized assistance.
The lids arrived today (already!) and they are perfect.
I will most certainly recommend you to anyone else I know that is looking for lids etc.
I have never had such fast and friendly service!

Thank you.

Monica ...March, 2009

Hi David & Valerie

Thanks for the great efficient service!! The lids have just arrived, It was a pleasure doing business with you, we will also recommend you, and purchase from you in the future!!


Maureen, Michael & Maria ...February, 2009

Hi David and Valerie,

Thanks for your ultra-quick packing and postage!!! I have my items in my hot little hands, unpacking and refrigerating/freezing the necessary items. Cannot WAIT to get stuck into the actual cheese-making. I know my kids will love it, also.

Thanks heaps!

Fiona ... February 3, 2009

David helped me so much when I knew nothing. His expertise and friendly, helpful manner are rare and much appreciated. His advice, service, helpful attitude and prompt, professional handling of requests and my order were outstanding.
Thanks a million. You just made Christmas better for at least 3 people.


Julie ... December 10, 2008


Thank you so much for your prompt delivery of my tiny order.
Advice, knowledge & plain great customer service is something that is lacking nowadays. You guys / gals are fantastic. Thank you,


Brian ... December 4, 2008


Hi David

My package arrived safe and sound this morning, It's been a joy to do business with you, and no doubt you will be hearing from me again.

Many thanks and kind regards.

Karen ... October 22, 2008

I would like to say thank you so much for your promptness in every manner. I received delivery 2 days after I ordered and am very impressed.
I Have just placed another order with you.


Debbie .... August 2008

Hi I just received my cheese kit, and I am really impressed with great quality product and quick delivery. I ordered one day and had it the next.

Thanks heaps, it is (unfortunately) rare to get this type of great service.

James Munro .... June 18, 2008

All I can say is ...WOW! What a speedy response!
I just wanted to say thank you for great customer service, it truly is a thing you notice in todays society!

Suzy .... March 2008

G'day David.

Thanks for sending the order so fast. I'm very impressed with such service which is pretty rare these days. I'm planning to be making cheese very soon.

JD .... February 2008

Thank you for sending my order. I'm looking forward to trying your recipes. I can't praise your service and website enough.

Marija .... April 21, 2006