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Electric Yoghurt Maker!

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Yoghurt and Probiotic Cultures

Yoghurt is extremely easy to make and can be made with regular milk, soy milk, coconut cream or homemade almond milk. It only requires some common kitchen equipment and perhaps a yoghurt maker to maintain the correct temperature. See the Basic Principles to get an idea of just how simple this is.

Please choose the type of culture you are looking for from the list below or browse all our yoghurt and probiotic cultures.

Please Note: Not all of the cultures listed below will make yoghurt on their own. Some of the cultures will make yoghurt while others must be used in conjunction with the yoghurt starter cultures or can be used to make probiotic drinks and fermented vegetables. Use the links below to display only yoghurt starter cultures or probiotic cultures.

Shelf Life of Cultures:

Room temperature1 to 2 months
Refridgerator6 to 12 months
Freezer2 to 5 years

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