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Junket Recipe

Before yoghurt there was junket

Junket is a milk-based dessert made with sweetened milk and rennet, the digestive enzyme which curdles milk, and has existed since the middle Ages. Modern junket is a light and refreshing custard made with milk, rennet, sugar and vanilla or even flavoured milk. It is very easy to prepare. Junket is rich in calcium, protein, vitamins and minerals that are necessary for good health.


Calcium Chloride

We know from our cheese making that it is standard practice to add a small amount of Calcium Chloride to pasteurised and refrigerated milk to improve the curd and this works with Junket too.

Add two or three drops of Calcium Chloride when making Junket in 500 to 600 ml quantities.


Liquid Rennet: Our Liquid Rennet comes in a 50 ml dispenser bottle and would make approximately 200 x 500-600 ml Junkets.


We have used 500 to 600 ml of milk in these directions as many flavoured milks come in 600 ml size. 

The milk can be sweetened with honey or a fine sugar such as castor or icing sugar and flavoured with vanilla. We decided to try experimenting with different commercially available flavoured milk. The strawberry seemed to turn out a little better than the chocolate and different brands may affect the outcome as well. 


Measure 500 to 600 ml of sweetened or flavoured milk into a saucepan.

Add three drops of Calcium Chloride. UHT milk is not suitable to use.

Heat the milk to 37° C. Remove from heat and add the drops of rennet, stirring briskly to disperse the rennet

Pour into serving dishes and allow to sit at room temperature for at least 15 minutes then refrigerate.

Serve when chilled and set, which may take up to two hours.

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