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Blue Cheese Kit

Blue Cheese Kit

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This is an Advanced Cheese Kit, ideal for those with cheese making experience.

Product Number: 1488



Our Blue Cheese Kit makes four delicious, gourmet cheeses:

  • Danish Blue
  • Gorgonzola
  • Stilton
  • Castyello Style Blue

The kit comes with a detailed easy to follow directions demystifying all the steps in the "blue" cheesemaking process, and can be used with regular full cream milk, straight from the supermarket, in 8 litre quantities.

This Kit Contains:

There is enough culture in this pack to make 12 batches of blue cheese, (with enough rennet and mould for double that).

We ship these products Australia wide, however this kit contains ingredients that do require long term storage in a freezer, on arrival. Extended time out of a freezer will decrease the shelf life.